This Village is the creative inspiration of Mary Strecker, an Anglican stay at home mom with wild dreams and a deep down in her bones desire for rich friendships and family adventures. Both Mary and her husband of nearly 8 years are southern Ohio natives, but have lived all over and abroad, awakening in them the conviction that community is a hard fought necessity.

And so, This Village is an intentional space centered around the concept of maintaining community, teaching our children good theology, nurturing contentment in our homes, and living into the fullness of the promise of life found in Christ. It’s a place to share the humble and important ways in which we daily engage our gifts to live a full and creative life within our homes, churches and neighborhoods.  This Village seeks to delve into the lives of people who live godly, well-intentioned lives, and increase our number of meaningful and mutually enriching interactions.

Come, empty or full, and be a part of This Village.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Mary, your blog is lovely! I think we have connected on Instagram but wanted to formally say hello. I’m so excited to connect with other women blogging from within the Anglican world (I gathered y’all aren’t fully Anglican yet, no pressure, it is still exciting). Also to follow up from your article about Paige and daily prayer I thought you might my husband’s ministry thetrinitymission.org he does a daily podcast of morning and evening prayer, so that those who can’t gather to pray can still pray in community. Looking forward to getting to know you more.


    • Hi Erica! This is wonderful. Thanks for mentioning your husband’s podcast! A friend who lives in Asia was just asking about online sources of the Book of Common Prayer, and I’m sure she will love to know about this podcast! It sounds like the perfect thing to be able to pray in community despite physical distance. Thanks for dropping by! Yes, not Anglican (yet!) 😉 but I think this space will provide a new outlet for exploring different themes within Anglicanism and liturgical life, and I couldn’t be more excited!


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