Anger and Zipping Duffles

Cosmas is eating solids now, a full two months later than I expected. The kid loves his “milkies” as Bruno has lovingly named Cosmo’s food of preference. Watching him eat is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. He is entirely skeptical of spoon feeding. He scrunches up his face and backs away with a clenched jaw, because naturally if I’m trying to put something in his mouth it must be full of prickles and paste. Never mind that he’ll eat literally any speck of twig, tape, LEGO, or even bugs he can round up. Eight months old is the beginning of all the everything. It’s all the sweetness and the stubbornness and the opinions and the personality and the cuddles and the knowing who’s who and what’s what. And so, doing some simple math here: solids + feisty baby = lots of baths.

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Colorado Bend State Park, Camp Vol. 1

When I was a kid, being outside scared me a little, and sometimes a lot. Shocking, considering the fact that I grew up on a small farm. I was mostly afraid of tornadoes, and wind gave me the creeps. I also remember wanting to seem tough, and chill, but as a highly sensitive and emotional kid, you can imagine how sorely I missed the mark. But people change, and although I’m still all of those things and actually still pretty fearful of strong winds and tornadoes, I’ve also learned that I love nature and sometimes wrestling with your fears and discomforts brings unknown freedom and deep joy. Continue reading

Shop: Three Ethical Brands For Nursing Mothers

Breastfeeding-friendly clothing… blech. Even a lot of brands claiming to do it right are really missing the mark. After pregnancy, I want to feel like my normal self, and clothing is a powerful tool in the self-care toolbox. Our bodies go through a roller coaster of changes during pregnancy. And while the weightloss is and should be gradual after giving birth, it can be difficult being patient with your still-changing body. Additionally, if you’re breastfeeding, you have to have everything easily accessible. Suddenly dressing your pregnant body seems like cake compared to all of these new hurdles and your, however temporary, jello-ring middle.

Thankfully, slowly but surely, a handful of designers are starting to understand this really important need for women to feel good during these beautiful, tumultuous seasons during the child-bearing years. These three brands are ones that I think are getting it right, not only with their ethics but with their styles. Continue reading