Shop: Everlane

I wrote this a little while ago, but all the things I’m seeing on the internet about Fashion Revolution week inspired me to share it with you and open up the conversation about ethical shopping.

But before I jump into introducing you to one of my favorite transparent brands, I’d love to share this graphic by Anuschka Rees, author of The Curated Closet, with you. Maybe you can’t do all the steps, but everyone can do some of them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.09.34 PM


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Home is Where the Verdant Things Are

With every move, every new home, new city, new church, new neighbor, our hearts split and that little piece gets buried and takes root, and like a very stubborn vine, it can’t be recovered from the tangle of earth it now calls home. Continue reading

Engaging Holy Week with All 5 Senses

If you do a Pinterest search for “Good Friday,” “Easter,” or “Resurrection crafts,” you’ll see a slew of bunnies, recipes for resurrection rolls and Hot Cross Buns, and empty tombs made of paper plates. The ideas are few, but the variations endless. I am not in the least opposed to paper crafts or food that illustrates the miracle of the Resurrection, or even cute spring bunnies, for that matter. In fact I am a huge fan of all of these categories, particularly when done well.

But I think we can all agree (even if you’re a rebel maximalist) that more is not always better. And when it comes to teaching the littlest Christians, I think we desire for these activities, crafts, foods, and experiences to be rich with meaning. My hope for our family as we follow the life of Christ throughout the year is that we’ll have traditions that engage all of our senses and speak boldly of the hope we have in Jesus.

I plan to develop this more in the coming year, but did not want to miss the opportunity to share the beginnings of this endeavor toward meaningfully sharing the light of Christ with our children as we create traditions together. Perhaps these thoughts will assist you in thinking about how you can share Holy Week and the Easter season with your children. Continue reading

In My Pocket this Week, Volume Six

I feel a little like I want to play catch up with you all. My life feels drastically different than it did even a year ago, and yet it’s very much the same. We’re still in Waco, while Cody continues work towards his PhD in Religion. At the beginning of May he will complete his 3rd year. And suddenly, it feels like it’s all going by so quickly.

Cody and I will celebrate our 8th anniversary in May, and I am beginning to see that the formation of a family is complex and takes patience, purpose, and time—lots of time. We’re starting to see the fruit forming (or maybe it’s just the buds) on the tree we planted a long time ago and have watered and watched, as well as neglected and abused. Lately I’ve been a bit in awe over this as I see my interests change and take better shape, as our boys grow and mature, and as Cody nears the completion of a very long, arduous, and meaningful education. I do not long for Cody to be done with school. I like our lives here in Waco. We’re always seeking to do things better, trying to live fully right where we are, but still dreaming a lot about what might be possible. Continue reading

These are the Thoughts I Think

I have an old blog, one that I probably should have never abandoned. On it I shared bits about my days with my boys, photos, and the simple things I was into at the time. I called it And Mary, because it was about me in the crevices. Me in the small spaces I could find to just be me—the me that is and has been from a young age interested in fashion. The me that feels younger than even my young 29, marvels at the fact that I have 3 children, and struggles with contentment, building friendships, and making a home, just like every one else.

I think I started this new space with the idea that I needed to say more important things. Continue reading