Gifts to Nurture the Whole Child

The word “whole” seems to be quite the buzzword these days. We all know that we should stick to a “whole foods” diet, and should take care of our “whole self.” We can’t seem to forget it, it would seem. Lately as I’ve done a gift search for my kids, I’ve felt the need more than ever to find things that will nurture them in their development and growth. We all want that, I think, but just picking toys made of natural materials as opposed to plastic and flashing lights, doesn’t always cut it. Yes, those more natural products are typically more beautiful, and that in itself is to be desired, but I think we often want more than aesthetic appeal. We want the things that we gift our children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren to be fun, of course. We want these gifts to bring them joy; but we also want these toys to have longevity, and prod them on in their growth as unique human beings with a divine purpose.

Here are some ideas that might get the wheels turning for you as you wrap up your shopping. Continue reading